Netflix’s Black Mirror Season 4 got new trailer for “Arkangel”


Black Mirror Season 4Netflix’s Black Mirror season 4 got a new trailer for the episode titled ‘Arkangel,’ another depressing installment from the long-running anthology series that revolves around the technology and how it will destroy us in coming years. The earlier three seasons are well developed and offered something unique from the story perspective. Each episode makes you think and delve on, Is the direction we are going towards is correct or not?

Arkangel will be directed by Jodie Foster starring Rosemarie DeWitt and tries to explore on the same factor that is the human dependency on technology for handling daily issues but from a different angle. As in the trailer, we see Rosemarie enjoying with her daughter and his dad telling her that in their times how they used to leave their kids in open to play own their own which signifies less control

After that, she briefly loses her daughter while she is playing in the park and then we see lines flashing on the screen, which looks like some company telling people to unlock the key to good parenting, and the key happens to be ‘control.’  The trailer is full of black mirror imagery where we see humans employing technology to improve their lives which ultimately enslaves them and destroys their lives. We observe Dewitt getting implant installed in her daughter which will give her some peace of mind and relief. But we deep down we all know how this episode will end and will undoubtedly provide us with points to ponder. Black Mirror has been a great show till and I am excited for the season 4 which will make all of us think more about the consequences of too much of use technology.