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Pokemon GO ban account

Niantic banned 500000 Pokemon Go accounts who were found to be using cheating apps

Niantic has initiated action to ban more than 500K accounts who were found to be using cheating apps in Pokémon GO and Harry Potter:...
Op Seat-2

5 Benefits of Switching To A Gaming Chair

Whether you are a professional gamer or not, you probably know the experience of sitting in a regular chair and playing a game. Maybe...

How to run GameCube games on PC

The Nintendo GameCube was a pretty great console back in early 2000s. Though the original cube shaped like console for GameCube is not as...
Pokemon Go Update 0.149.0

List of all shadow and purified Pokemon in update 0.149.0

Pokemon Go update 0.149.0 is rolling out to Android users and will hit across all the platforms very soon. According to early reports, Pokemon...
Apex legends season 2

Apex Legends ranked league end of season rewards leaked

To revive the battle royale game based in Titanfall world, Respawn Entertainment injected Apex Legends season 2 with a lot of content and significant...