13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer, Glimpse of Dark and Suspenseful Drama


13 Reasons Why Season 2 trailer has been released by Netflix with just a week to spare before the official air date. The teaser released last week made it pretty clear that tapes were so last year and now polaroids will be there to spill out dark secrets regarding the Liberty High. In the first season, we came to know about the story of Hannah through tapes and how Clay and Hannah’s mom didn’t give up until they solved the mystery.

The trailer with Clay narrating after last year’s incident it felt like everything is over. However soon he finds polaroids in his locker that there are more like Hannah. Then we some familiar faces on the screen as they stumble upon more photos that may lead to the person who is responsible for all this. The trailer surely points in the direction of Tyler but here I feel that there is some hidden secret which will serve as the major suspense this year. In 13 reasons why season 2 we will see Clay and Hannah’s mom continuing the fight to get Justice for their beloved.

In his discussion with ew the showrunner Brian Yorkey said “The biggest difference is in season 1, Hannah was telling us her story, we were experiencing it with Clay, and it was the central monolithic story of the season — her story, where it ended, and how that fell out in the present day. Season 2 is very much more about everyone else’s perspective on that story — their side of the story, their reaction to it, their coming to terms or refusing to come to terms with their role in Hannah’s life and death.”

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer

This surely seems interesting and will add more suspense, and drama to the story. However, I am little sceptical regarding the strong content that again Netflix will be showcasing to their major audience that is teenagers. In trailer itself we see them beating each other and even handling guns. To me, this doesn’t look or feel appropriate for the kids who are in high school. Alongside this in times when there is lot uproar against the gun laws in the US, showing kids carryings doesn’t support the fight which school kids are actually fighting.

We hope that the series gives something that kids look up to not that which pushes them into darkness. I am not that excited for this suspenseful drama but I am all up to be amazed. You can watch 13 Reasons Why season 2 on Netflix on May 16th.


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