17 Galar region Pokemon leaked for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Galar region Pokemon leaked

Ahead of Pokemon Direct on June 5th, 17 Galar region Pokemon just leaked for upcoming Pokemon title Sword and Shield.

Galar region Pokemon list

These 17 Galarian, or Galon as they’re being referred to elsewhere, are as follows:

  • Noctowl: Ice/Flying (Becomes black, with bits of dark blue.)
  • Sentret: Normal/Ground (Now has steel-claws)
  • Furret: Normal/Ground (Has a drill on its tail)
  • Spinarak: Bug/Ghost (is now black, but the smiley on it’s black is bright pink)
  • Ariados: Bug/Ghost (Same as Spinerak. Now has a spooky angry-face on it’s back.)
  • Jumpluff: Grass/Fairy (Body becomes white, pom-pom-things turn pink)
  • Sudowoodo: Steel (Now disguised as a pine tree)
  • Houndour: Dark/Ice (“skull” on its head is now made out of ice)
  • Houndoom: Dark/Ice (Horns and bone-parts are now Icicles)
  • Magcargo: Fire/Water (Has now a seashell as it’s a house)
  • Ralts: Dark/Fairy (Green “Helmet” turns dark blue and the dress-part becomes purple)
  • Kirlia: Dark/Fairy (Same as Ralts, but its legs stay white)
  • Gardevoir: Dark/Fairy (The same as previous, looks a bit like it’s Mega)
  • Zangoose: Fighting/Dark (White fur becomes black, has sharper claws)
  • Seviper: Poison/Steel (Has a giant iron spike-ball instead of its Knife-tail)
  • Spoink: Poison (Tail is made of purple sludge and its crystal is dark purple)
  • Grumpig: Poison/Ghost (same with spoink, but it’s pink parts become dark green)

Recently, another Pokemon leak revealed the entire Pokedex of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Players are sceptical of these random leaks, but this leak seems little bit trustworthy. The leaker had posted this leak on May 24th before finishing his post by saying that “new trailer a week before E3”.

Since Pokemon Direct is airing on June 5th ( one week before E3 2019) which clearly shows the original poster has at least got part of their leak correct.

Source: 8ch.net