31st October 2018 Fortnite Item Shop Today updated

Fortnitemares Challenges Part 3
Epic Games

31st October 2018 Fortnite Item Shop Today updated in the game. Each day the Fortnite Item Shop brings us a variety of items for purchase which includes majorly two sections – Featured Items and Daily Items.

A day before Epic Games has released Fortnite Update v6.02 which brought Fortnitemares 2018 Halloween based event to the game. The recent update has also introduced the cube monsters which came out through the portal in the sky which was created by the Kevin Cube and purple light over the floating island.

Marking the start of Halloween Event and Fortnitemares 2018, the Epic Games has released first set of challenges for the Fortnitemares 2018. These challenges are free and do not require a battle pass

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In the article below, we have shared today’s item shop, which you can find within the game. Let us know, below in the comments section your favourite item from the shop today Updated

31st October 2018 Fortnite Item Shop Today Updated

31st October 2018 Fortnite Item Shop Today

31st October 2018 Fortnite Item Shop Today

Featured Items 

  • Hollowhead – 1500 V-Bucks
  • Nite Nite  – 1500 V-Bucks
  • Peekaboo – 1500 V-Bucks
  • Pick Squeak – 1500 V-Bucks
  • Carver – 800V-Bucks

Daily Items 

  • Jack Gourdon – 1500 V-Bucks
  • Reaper – 800 V-Bucks
  • Jugglin – 500 V-Bucks
  • Brainiac – 800 V-Bucks
  • Bunnymoon – 800 V-Bucks
  • Patch Patroller – 800 V-Bucks


Also, The Fortnite Challenges for Week 4 of Season 6 are out, if you have not checked it yet, you can check from the article below

Epic Games Fortnite Week 4 Season 6 Challenges Guide Cheatsheet

The Fortnite Fall Skirmish Finals are live at TwitchCon 2018 and if you want to know more about the current standings, results follow the link below


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