3D Rendering Of Fortnite Halloween Skins Leaked Ahead Of Release, Fortnite Halloween Skins Gameplay

New Fortnite Halloween Skins

New update in Fortnite means new and surprising Fortnite leaks. This time is no exception as data miners have managed to get their hands on latest skins, pickaxes, gliders and many cosmetics, like always. Apart from the leaked images, they also leaked the 3D rendered model of the leaked Fortnite Halloween skins and cosmetics. So, let’s look at the rendering and Fortnite Halloween Skins Gameplay.

Fortnite Halloween Skins Gameplay, 3D Rendering

Hollowhead (Epic)
All tricks. No treats.

Jack Gourdon (Epic)
Squash the competition

Plague (Epic)
The doctor is in…

Scourge (Epic)
Seeking the cure

Bullseye (Uncommon)
I never miss

Dismal Cape (Epic)
Black as night

Arcanum (Epic)
Perilous and potent

Mouldering Cloak (Epic)
Ragged and worn, from days long gone

Heralds Wand (Rare)
It’s vital

Carver (Rare)
Honed for the harvest

Lamplight (Rare)
A light in the darkness

Source: Fortniteinsider