5 Benefits of Switching To A Gaming Chair

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Whether you are a professional gamer or not, you probably know the experience of sitting in a regular chair and playing a game. Maybe the chair is too tight and doesn’t provide enough support. It probably isn’t the perfect height, and it might not align properly with the playing screen, causing you to assume an odd posture to play. Finally, the worst thing about a standard chair is that although it might not be perfect, it does just about well enough. This might sound like a selling point, but it definitely isn’t.

For instance, a chair that seems to perform “well enough” will cause you to not even consider switching to a more appropriate chair that serves all your purposes. As such, that chair which other people use for eating or sitting or studying – the one you use for gaming – negatively impacts your game. The result is simple: a lower score.

For a gamer, there are many reasons to use a gaming chair, but few are as important as a higher score, which is what all the other benefits add up to.


Gaming chairs are made to serve the moment-to-moment needs of gamers, professional or otherwise. As such, they are durable and supportive, made of premium materials that offer such things as lumbar support, better adjustability, and firm cushions. They also are built with whole-body comfort in mind. In fact, a quality chair can reduce muscle and joint pain as well as improve circulation.

The seats on most standard chairs only rise to the middle of your back. A chair for gamers, however, often features a tall back that supports you all the way to your head. Finally, for neck support, a gamer’s chair often features a soft pillow to support the crook of your neck.


This type of chair allows you to adjust the seating, so you are positioned perfectly for gameplay. Whether you need to lean forward, back, or be propped upright, you can adjust the chair to the position you require for optimal gameplay. Sitting in the correct position can increase alertness and prevent injury, so it’s a worthwhile investment in your health as well as your gaming ability.

Additionally, gaming chairs often have lockable wheels. If you need the chair to remain in place, you can lock the casters, and you are firmly fixed.

If you need instant mobility, you can quickly unlock the wheels.

When you’re playing videogames, arm height can be critical. Everyone sits at slightly different heights, but unlike regular chairs with fixed arms, the armrests on gaming chairs can rise and tilt, providing you with perfect arm placement.


One of the best aspects of a chair specifically designed for playing games is that the makers are usually videogame enthusiasts themselves, so they understand the needs of gamers better than anyone. Accordingly, these chairs often have cup holders for when you need to grab some hydration between battles, or are equipped with such things as speakers, USB ports, and charging ports.

In terms of storage, they often feature a console that will allow you to store accessories for easy retrieval as you prepare for your game. Finally, to ensure you don’t get tangled in wires, they also offer Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect to your console effortlessly.


Professionals and non-professionals alike understand that getting immersed in a game is one of the only ways to truly appreciate all its intricacies. To this end, these chairs often have rumble packs built-in. A rumble pack vibrates and shifts the gamer’s body, and these movements can mimic the danger of a gunshot by an unseen enemy. Or it can mimic environmental motions, such as explosions or earthquakes.

In addition to built-in rumble packs, these chairs are often made to suit specific genres of games. For instance, some chairs are built in the form of a driver’s seat or a pilot’s chair. Still others might lean back, offering you the opportunity to experience lift-off in a rocket. As the scenery on your monitor shifts, the aforementioned rumble packet helps complete the illusion of lift-off by vibrating to the rhythm of the rocket engines.



Whether you are racking up scores or collecting treasures, a chair that is designed for gaming allows you to enjoy your games much more than a regular chair. As an added bonus, because they are often styled in exciting patterns, these chairs look awesome. Finally, a great gaming chair makes playing videogames that much more fun, improving your mood and mental state.