5 Habits That Confirm You are Like Kavya From Little Things Season 2, Netflix


Little Things Season 2, gave the audience something to connect with, especially the characters Dhruv and Kavya faced problems which the viewers could easily relate to. Dhruv was the procrastinator types but Kavya was the Man of the house. Here are some traits which make you soo like Kavya:

1.  If you’re young and ambitious: If you are hardworking and passionate about your work and want to earn lots of money and secure your future, then you have traits that of Kavya Kulkarni. As Kavya Kulkarni, was portrayed as an independent woman who earned much more than her live-in boyfriend, this made her an inspiration for many of the young viewers.

Little Things Season 2 

2. Do not let distractions affect you: If someone tries to flirt with you (however better he might be from your boyfriend) and you do not let it bother you then you are so like Kavya Kulkarni. Even though when the handsome hotshot guy tries on her during her office award show, she doesn’t let it affect their relationship.

Little Things Season 2

3. You do not keep secrets from your guy: if you have a transparent relationship and do not believe in keeping any secrets with your guy (however bad the secrets maybe) then you resemble Kavya. She was hesitant at first about telling Dhruv about the guy, but then she revealed out everything in front of him, this trait in a human being helps their relationship work out very well.

Little Things Season 2

4. You believe in living in the moment: If you believe in living in every small moment with your one and only, you have the same traits as Kavya. When Kavya and Dhruv travelled 2 hours on the outskirts of Mumbai just eat ‘bhajji’ but ended up in a vineyard, it was Kavya who forced Dhruv to enjoy their day in that beautiful place.

Little Things Season 2

5. You are capable enough of taking all the responsibilities alone: This is the most important trait that Kavya has, of taking all the responsibilities of a man. We can call her the man of the house, she is the one who pays all the bills and buys all the household things. This is the trait which girl should possess in today’s times.

Little Things Season 2

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