5G Phones will be in market in early 2019 stated Qualcomm CEO

Qualcomm CEO Steven Mollenkopf stated that 5G phones will hit the markets in 2019 at Frankfurt Motor Show.
He enunciated that we can expect United States, South Korea and Japan to launch 5G phones in 2019. He told if someone has asked him this previous year he would have said 2020 as the launch year for 5G phones

He is pretty confident that demands will be high and carriers will want to be quick to launch competing services
Qualcomm has invested a lot in making 5G arrives quickly and making it a success when it comes.
Mollenkopf put some light on the New Mobility World, in which he described 5G as the keyfactor technology for automotive innovation for coming years and talked about vehicle to everything technology will allow cars to communicate from traffic signals to other vehicles. In September Qualcomm has announced a chipset 9150 C-V2X dedicated for Vehicle to everything communication

5G success will also depends on networks, Qualcomm is brushing up its strategies with Verizon and Sprint to conduct test for 5G technology.


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