8th Gen Pokemon Revealed- Coming to newly announced Pokemon Sword and Shield

8th Gen Pokemon

After prolonged speculations, 8th generation Pokemon have been revealed. New gen Pokemon will be part of the new Pokemon game, Sword and Shield. The game was announced during Pokemon direct today.

As for now, GameFreak announced three starter Pokemon are coming to the game which will be of 8th Gen.

8th Gen Pokemon Revealed

8th Gen Pokemon

The first starter is chimp Pokemon. Grookey. It is a Grass-type Pokemon. Like always, the second starter is rabbit Pokemon, Scorbunny. It’s a fire type Pokemon. The third one is Sobble, a Water-type Pokemon who hide in the water after shooting out attacks.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release date

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release worldwide in late 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. More information regarding the game will be out in the following months.


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