A new Pokemon Go bug allows players to fight from above

Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update

There is no doubt that Pokemon Go is the most popular AR based mobile game, but the game has been suffering from bugs since release. Recently, Niantic Games released Pokemon Go update 0.143.0, and players have already pointed out many bugs in it. Today, a player found another bug which is only happening on iOS devices.

A new Pokemon Go bug

A Reddit user u/Pacman327 poster a video highlighting an interesting bug in the latest update.

Interesting new bug after latest iOS update. Fighting from above from TheSilphRoad

The bug enables the player’s Pokemon to fly above the opponent’s Pokemon, and attack from the sky. In the above video, Machamp is attacking opponent Pokemon from the sky without taking any damage from them.

Niantic confirms to fix out this bug soon for Pokemon Go

Many players are finding this bug interesting while others are complaining about this. Android users haven’t experienced this Bug yet in the game. Niantic hasn’t said something about this new Pokemon Go bug so we can’t confirm whether this bug will be resolved or not.

What are your thoughts about this? Did you found this bug? Is this interesting?


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