How to add multiple Google accounts on Android device: Step-by-Step

Sometimes in a profession you might need to access and manage more than one Gmail accounts or any other Google accounts like, Playstore, Drive Play Games. For this you need not to install any third party app to access multiple accounts for any Google app. For managing multiple accounts easily you can add Google account easily on your single device. And not only Gmail, you can access multiple accounts for any Google app. So here’s

How to add multiple Google accounts

STEP 1 –

First of all go the Settings option on your device and select the “Accounts” option to add your other Google handle.

STEP 2 –

After selecting the accounts options select the “Add account” option, to get list of platforms.

STEP 3 –

After selecting the add account option search and select for “Google” option.

STEP 4 –

Now add your valid Google account details that you want to link to access various Google apps including Gmail and Drive.

STEP 5 –

To manage or access the another account, for instance, Gmail app. Select the Gmail application, and swipe right and select the down arrow and select another account.

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