How to add sparkle to Instagram photos or videos with kirakira+ app

Add sparkle to Instagram photos or videos with kirakira+ !!

For quite some time many instagrammers have been posting there image and video which have a lot shiny sparkle stuff on them. Have you noticed it or not but I do noticed and thought how could something sparkle so much ?. And without breaking a sweat i pointed out that it might be a mobile app. And after searching it came out to be an app. So Do you also want to add that awesome sparkle affect in your images and videos. Read on further to know how you can.

Note: At the time of developing this article, the app is only available on iOS. However for Android certain other apps are available on Android play store which claims to add similar effect ,but we do recommend to use genuine and popular app.

Add sparkle to Instagram photos or videos with kirakira+ app here is how to do it;

1.) First you have to download and install an application called Kirakira+ on your iOS device and which will cost you ($0.99) or Rs.79Download Kirakira+
2.) Now open the application and grant necessary permissions required to run the app like access to camera and microphone.

3.) That’s all ,you can easily Capture your images or videos with adding a sparkle as the interface of the App is similar to that of iOS camera.

As the above video captured is filled with lot of sparkle all around. You can also do the same and upload it not only to Instagram ,but it can be uploaded to any other social platform with an ease.

Add sparkle to Instagram photos or videos with kirakira+
The kirakira + app works by identifying metallic and Shiny objects in the images or videos and add extra sparkle to them and gives a rich look. So that’s all how you can add sparkle effect to your Instagram posts and which could help you to boost your Instagram account. As so many people love it and the app is a centre of attraction quite a time. So what’s you thought will you try this? Tell us below your thoughts about this in the comments section. And stay Connected with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep yourself updated to the source of standard & authentic coverage of contemporary technology.


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