Adulting Episode 3 Review, Social Media Addiction A Worthless Race

Adulting Season 1

Adulting Episode 3 highlights a mundane activity which has made the lives of people incomplete without it. Yeah! That social media obsession especially Instagram. Being socially active is so damn in vogue these days that it has become important to be in touch and impress your followers rather than sharing words with your friends and dear ones sitting next to you. Certain rewards on social media hide many backlashes and FOMO’s.

Adulting Episode 3

Adulting is a Dice Media’s Original ongoing web series about the perks of adulthood one encounters while struggling for the same followed by some great life lessons learnt and facing some sudden adversities which make you an abrupt hustler. The series is directed by Jessica Sadana starring Aisha Ahmed, Sheeba Chaddha and Yashaswini Dayama. Its 3rd episode is out after the huge success of the first two episodes.

Adulting Episode 3 begins portraying Ray and Nikhat together discussing the Instagram followers where Nikhat shares that she is being envied of one of her acquaintances for being well active on Instagram and also having an impressive number of followers. Onto which Nikhat tells Ray that let her Fitter Copy package come and then she will have more followers than Malvika, the one whom Nikhat is envy of. Finally, her first package of Fitter Copy arrives having its exclusive line of healthy foods for Nikhat’s 12 days detox, as she has to fit n perfect to increase her number of followers. With the everyday increase in the number of followers, she is completely absorbed into the Instagram life by taking selfies every time she takes her Fitter Copy meal and goes through the rewarding experiences, unaware of the pain and FOMO that awaits her in this worthless addictive race of being an Instagram influencer. She goes out with her friends to chill one night and as Ray earlier told her, she couldn’t resist pizza and she eats it. One of her followers met her there and clicked her picture of eating pizza and boozing and posts that on Instagram with hateful comments and Nikhat gets trolled by all her followers for not acting according to the image she created for them. But the backlash she faced on Instagram doesn’t make any false impact on her friendship with Ray as when Nikhat was feeling low about her backlash and negative comments she was getting for a #cheatday, Ray gave the best pep talk like every good friend does and boosted her up to live her own life the way she was living.

Adulting Episode 3


Last Verdict

Another great episode of Dice Media Original, Adulting. Adulting Episode 3 picked up a nice topic to be presented in order to help people know the rewards and FOMO’s of being addicted to the social media or fake lives, as nobody is real in the outer world away from you and you are not supposed to take anybody’s words way too much seriously until you know them or they are being said for your betterment. Great episode with nice teachings but the acting was little over and seemed quite extra from the casts side that made it little annoying but undoubtedly it was a good piece once again by the creators.