Adulting season 1, a very much relatable 5 webisode series dealing with mundane life issues. Great work by Dice Media.

Adulting is a Dice Media’s original series directed by Jessica Sadana starring Aisha Ahmed, Sheeba Chaddha, and Yashaswini Dayama. The series is a 5 episode weekly run, commenced on 18th April streaming on Dice Media and youtube. This is India’s first web-series to have a mostly-female team right from the director, writers, editor, principal cast, assistant director team, line producer, and several other key positions. Dice Media created a story about Ray and Nikhat, twenty-something girls who are experiencing and understanding the plight of being independent.

Adulting Season 1

Adulting, by Dice Media, is all about the mundane life hacks and activities of two twenty-something girls Ray and Nikhat who shifts from their hometown to Mumbai for work. Both the girls are trying to figure it through adulthood in their own unique modus operandi. A story about handling the responsibilities and managing the struggles of being an independent adult in the fast-paced urban bustle as they try to experience and understand adulthood. The series came out really awesome as it precisely served you the perks and plights of adulting with the issues and solution to manage them. “Everyone has this universal understanding of roommate drama”, you and your roommate are the craziest but still the best for each other in odd times or any kind of support, you become each other’s family. A very much relatable content for the youth who is experiencing the basic perks of being independent and learning to manage responsibilities. “Unexpected Ebb and Flows and challenges in life Makes You an Abrupt Hustler”.

The Dice Media series nicely portrayed the harsh times a person can encounter and the best part is it also gives you some tips or I would say teaches you to be a little patient when things are outta control or don’t seem going your way. No matter how old you grow, your bond with your mom will always be special. From your Achilles heel to your thorough roots she gets you the way no one does. A very practical and right approach towards the conduct of the teenagers when they are oscillating between struggling and being settled. Sweetbitter part is seeing them enjoying and learning from the planned and unplanned perks of life. An episode from the series picked up a nice topic to be presented in order to help people know the rewards and FOMO’s of being addicted to the social media or fake lives, as nobody is really in the outer world away from you and you are not supposed to take anybody’s words way too much seriously until you know them or they are being said for your betterment. 

When you are stuck in a monotonous rut from your almost mapped out career-end and in the span of your eye whoever you meet is doing better, you’ve got your bestie cum roommate to boost you and your morale up and assure you that you are to do great in life. It also happens that sometimes you and your roomie get into an unavoidable squabble undesirably but those quarrels nicely end up making you ponder over why and how you started everything together. You take a drive down the memory lane and recreate the bond which gathered little dust on it. The series came to finale leaving Ray and Nikhat shifting to their new house together.

Adulting Season 1

Final Verdict

Adulting Season 1 by Dice Media is an awesome set of series and a power-packed blend of entertainment and learnings. A really complimented creation by Dice Media and the cast supported it well too. Ray and Nikhat played their p[art pretty well. Relatable content for the generation and another applaud-worthy part is that the series has mostly female-team in it.


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