Adventure Sync Issue with Pokemon Go Update 0.145.1


Pokemon Go update 0.145.1 went live on June 3rd, 2019. The latest update to the game brought Go Fest related content to the game, which will start on June 13 and will stay live until June 16th in Chicago. The update also added Dynamic Event badges, two new moves, and Samsung Galaxy Store support.

But amidst this update, it seems like the Adventure Sync bug has popped out. Many players are reporting that with the update 0.145.1 their adventure sync has been turned off. Even after walking a considerable distance, the game is not counting any and players are unable to hatch eggs and do certain in-game tasks.

It seems like this issue is currently troubling many players, as they are storming in with this issue on Pokemon Go message boards and forums. Have a look down below.

Adventure Sync Issue with Pokemon Go

As Adventure week is currently live in Pokemon Go Game, some players are hoping that Niantic will fix this issue at the earliest. We certainly believe that Niantic will release a short fix for this problem before the start of Go Fest.