All Changed Areas On Fortnite Map From Season 1 To Season 7

Fortnite Map Season 1

Fortnite Battle Royale has become the biggest game in just span of a year. It has a concurrent player base of 200 Million and increasing day by day. Fortnite has entered in Fortnite Season 7 two days ago after completing six successful seasons. In past seasons, Fortnite has gone through many changes with different themes and thrilled live events. As Fortnite has only one map, its locations and terrains get changed with the release of the new season. If you are looking for how much the Fortnite map has changed since Season 1 till now, then we have an image of the changed map from the courtesy of u/eamonn25.

Fortnite Map Changes Since Season 1

Fortnite Map Changes

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As shown above, almost whole Fortnite map has been changed since season 1. Only Pleasant Parks and Lonely Lodge are two locations which haven’t changed a little bit. Salty Springs, Fatal Fields, and Retail Row have changed only from few parts.

Since Pleasant Parks, Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, Fatal Fields and Salty Springs haven’t gone through the changes in past six seasons and event in this season, we might see changes at one or two of these locations in Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass release.


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