All new Pokemon in Detective Pikachu Trailer details & easter eggs


A new trailer for Detective Pikachu has surfaced out and it showcases many new Pokemon.

The newly released trailer for the movie shows stars Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu & Justice Smith as his human partner.

The trailer has revealed out few more details about Ryme City. The biggest “Easter egg” in this trailer is that Harry’s father was living in the “Professor Oak” building.

Pikachu’s hat also mentions the address of the Oak Building, which is located at 122 Green St., which was referred from Pokemon Green game.

Detective Pikachu Trailer New Pokemon List

Talking about the list of new Pokemon which has been seen in the trailer are as follows.


1) Joltik Appearance – Climbing on electric wires.


2) Ludicolo – At an expresso bar

3) Growlithe, Arcanine, Golurk, Squirtle – Ryme City Police Department

4) Slaking & Kingler – Near some building.

5) Snorlax & Machamp – In city traffic.

6) Blastoise & Gengar – In a battle arena

7) Magikarp – In a fish tank

Cubone Flareon

8) Cubone & Flareon

Detective Pikachu

9) Creepy Aipom & Mewtwo

Detective Pikachu

Also, the eyes of many Pokemon turning purple are giving a creepy look. As we can see when Aipom is growling his eyes turning purple which is pretty awkward. Charizard’s eyes also turned purple at the end of the trailer. Mewtwo entries seem quite interesting and it is rumored that he is playing the role of a major villain in the movie. The movie will be released in May 2019.