AltBalaji Broken Web Series Trailer, stars Vikrant Massey, Simran Kaur Mundi to release on November 27th 2018

AltBalaji Broken Web Series

The much-awaited web series has no launched its trailer. It stars Vikrant Massey, Harleen Sethi, Jitin Gulati and Simran Kaur Mundi. The AltBalaji’s latest web show had its trailer launch on Sunday. This romantic drama will begin streaming from November 27th 2018 and has 11 episodes.

This series deals with lost love and finding a new one. It is a story of two broken hearts finding solace together. We can see that both Veer and Sameer, collecting the broken pieces of their lives after their partners have left them. Sameera has a longing to get back with his husband, who now has different priorities and Veer on the other hand is not able to come in terms with the death of his wife.

AltBalaji Broken Web Series

AltBalaji Broken Web Series

When the protagonists meet, they tend to find a confidant in each other. Veer then tells Sameera that she ‘loves’ too much and that she needs to ‘moderate’ her feelings. Thereon, begins the journey of their friendship, but then comes the twist at the end, when Sameera confesses to having ‘got her breath back’ and Veer telling her and you do not want me to take that away’.

AltBalaji Broken Web Series

It is not at all clichéd, instead of both their acting looks near perfect and convincing as the hopeless romantic with a broken heart. Talking about Broken but Beautiful, Ekta Kapoor said,”I feel in between the creases of storytelling on television and films, we have lost out on small details of love. There are some shows that deal with absolutely simple emotions and this is what Broken is all about”.


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