Alvin Sargent, Spider-Man Trilogy Writer dies at 92

Alvin Sargent Death at 92 Spider-Man Trilogy Writer Photo

Alvin Sargent, who wrote 4 Spider-Man movies for Sony Pictures and was two-time Academy-Award winner as a screenwriter passed away on Thursday, at 92. Sargent started in the Spider-Man trilogy by polishing the dialogues on David Koepp’s 2002 blockbuster starring Tobey Maguire. Though he didn’t receive the screenplay credit. He then co-wrote Spider-Man 2 and 3, directed by Sam Raimi. He also wrote the reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, by Marc Webb.

Alvin Sargent Death at 92 confirmed by Pam Williams

A friend of Sargent, Producer Pam Williams, confirmed his death due to natural causes. He was a partner with Sargent’s late wife, Laura Ziskin, who produced Spider-Man trilogy.

Spider-Man 2(2004) was the best-rated Spider-Man movie, rated 93% by Rotten Tomatoes until it was pushed down by Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Prolific movie critic Roger Ebert wrote, “Spider-Man 2 believes in its story in the same way serious comic readers believe when the adventures on the page express their own dreams and wishes,” of the screenplay written by Sargent, Michael Chabon, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Alvin Sargent won his first Oscar as 1977 drama Julia’s writer. He was awarded his second Oscar for 1980 drama Ordinary People, starring Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland.

In his 60-year career, Alvin earned 43 writing credits amongst which The Amazing Spider-Man was his last.


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