Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook to Support Open-Source AI Platform


Amazon made an announcement yesterday, its ONNX-MXNet package to import Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) deep learning models into Apache MXNet, making sure the company is on-board with Facebook & Microsoft in efforts to open-source AI.

Amazon with its ONNX-MXNet Python package, allow developers to run models based on open-source ONNX and also on Apache MXNet. Basically, this allows developers of AI to keep models but switch networks, as opposed to starting from scratch. Supporting ONNX could only benefit consumers, startups, and the quest for useful artificial general intelligence.

Talking about the Tech giant Apple,it is really disappointing that Tim Cook and the Cupertino company haven’t joined Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon in the ONNX platform and not used its considerable size, innovation and wealth to pursue its own public vision for an open-source collaboration in machine learning code. Same in the case of another popular tech giant, Google, which is believed to have most potential and also created much of AI system for its users, but didn’t taking part with Microsoft and Facebook to support open-source AI platform.

There is a need for the big companies to build AI to take on a fair share of responsibility for the future we all are creating. And Amazon made a fair move by joining Microsoft & Facebook for the same.


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