Amazon Prime The Remix Review, A new melody to music reality shows.


Fold your sleeves to hit hard your dancing vibes this weekend with the launch of the brand new show, The Remix, a brand new Amazon Prime Original that pairs DJs and singers to compete in the ultimate music spin-off challenge. Created and produced by Greymatter Entertainment, The Remix revolutionizes the concept of music reality shows in India.


This show is distinguished from the other reality shows for it changes the entire concept and thought process of so far’s music and rendition thing, giving platform to the best music talents and allowing them to be thoroughly creative with their talents and making India experience the new sound of music like never before!

Prime members can get the hold of the first two pulsating episodes of The Remix starting Friday, March 9, followed by one new episode releasing every Friday, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Rediscovering their favorite Bollywood songs, presented in an entirely fresh way as pairs of one singer and one DJ, battle each week to rejig, reshuffle and remix famous songs and win the colossal prize.

Amazon Prime The Remix

Three of the biggest names in the bollywood music industry, Sunidhi Chauhan; national award winning music composer, Amit Trivedi, and king of the DJ console, Nucleya; are here to judge some of the best music talent from the house down. The flame, Karan Tacker will add an element of humor as the introducer of this new reality series.


Ice Breakers, are the power packed performances by all three judges: Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi and Nucleya. The judges spread their melody by giving live performance on the rendition made by them mixing, Udi, O Gujariya and Nuclea’s beats giving them the fresh tint. Here’s to the competition where contestants come with the best to stay. They pomped up the party spirits in everyone present there with their badass performances making first episode go smooth without any elimination. The ten teams initiate with their best foot forward in the showcasing episode. With outstanding tracks and stupendous performances , this non-elimination episode offers a sensational line up of tracks and sets the tone for the cutthroat competition! By the remarkable performances by the below mentioned contestants,they made the uncontrollable dancing vibes flow through the judges making them tap their feet!

Amazon Prime The Remix

Here are the rocking singers and DJs duo with their remixed tracks:

  1. NSG and THOMSON ANDREWS, NSG known for his dope beats from Indonesia to India, they showcased a blown out performance by remixing Honey Singh’s Love Dose and making his fans astonished, giving it an all new beat. They made judges really proud and impressed by creatively using the Dhol and other elements in their version.
  2. SU REAL and RASHMEET KAUR, all most setting the stage on fire with their power-packed performance on the remix of Lovely song making judges enjoy their performance and ponder that beginning of the show is this bombastic than how will be the end.
  3. DJ RINK and SONAM TOPDEN, both tried their best on the remix of Ik vaari aa bhi ja , but seem little low as somewhere Sonam gets off beat.
  4. DJ KRYLL and YASH NARVEKAR, an exceptionally fantastic performance by both so far on Teri to teri taa, and they maintained their spark throughout, making their performance distinguished. All three judges were so impressed that they called their performance phenomenal.
  5. DJ KIRAN and KAMANTH PRAKRITI KAKAR, kiran is a familiar bollywood face and the latter is a playback singer, song writer and back stage performer, performs here is a pair making a rendition on Marjawa. Though a tight performance but judges suggested them to be free and portray their their real self.
  6. DJ AKHIL and TALREJA MANASI SCOTT, Manasi being an actress, song writer and VJ handles the stage very well with Akhil, an expertise in tapori rendition, so they showcased it by remixing Yaar na Mile. That was precisely an exceptional performance, getting a standing ovation from Sunidhi Chauhan and a WOW from Nuclea.
  7. NAWED KHAN and RUPALI JAGGA, both curious to perform with each other and selected an entirely different song, DUA to be remixed and performed and they nailed it, Rupali gets praiseworthy comments for her voice.
  8. ANIRUDH BHOLA and DJ MEGHA KAWALE, a remix of Main hu hero tera, performed by both of them, giving it an all new beat. They were pleasant and Judges also loved their performance
  9. DJ SKIP and AKASA SINGH, trying their hand on the rendition of ‘Sheila ki jawani’, a track sung by Sunidhi Chauhan itself, rocking the stage adding two new elements in their remix. Nuclea got really impressed by Skip’s impressive slip in his performance and really liked it.
  10. CANDICE REDDING and SREERAMA CHANDRA, french and Canadian touch, honorary Indian Candice and the latter, already a heartthrob for his looks and voice, made the stage heat by creating Senorita remix. Making it a house down performance for Amit Trivedi. Sreerama is really an incredible entertainer and both of them made judges adore them.

All of them came up with an awestruck rendition of the music and performances full of spark but the best is yet to come further!

Amazon Prime The Remix


Here comes the deal! as this being the first eliminating episode with the realization for the team to show up their best part as the theme suggests remixing title tracks of favorite Bollywood movies. Though the teams are at their finest with their own renditions of tracks like Desi Boyzz, Rock On! and Aashiqui, amongst others, but they gotta be the best to stay!

So with all their dedication and alive music spirit talented duos turn up the heat to stay in the game! Judges are to judge and make the perfoma by rating their performances for singing, for which they have 5 points and music production, for which they have another 5 points, making them score out of 30.

Performances have already set their bar on the graph of judges, so here they come up with their talents to satisfy judges expectations and set new bars for the up coming challenges. NSG and THOMSON ANDREWS took the floor and keep the ball rolling by giving a pleasant performance, followed by other bombastic contestants. Judges seem to lost deeply and enjoy each and every performance thoroughly.

So, keep your collars hot till the show gets showcased exclusively on Amazon Prime. Let your inquisitiveness test you to know about the scores of all the phenomenal performances.

Who all gave exceptionally bombastic performances and who got eliminated?

What if someone has a “TIE”?  Woahh!  Seems Damn Alluring!

                                          Attention Seekers!

DJ KRYLL and YASH NARVEKAR, DJ KIRAN and KAMANTH PRAKRITI KAKAR and NSG and THOMSON ANDREWS, seem to be the attention grabbers in the show for giving phenomenal and distinguished performances.

As decided the winner will bag a colossal prize, here begins their true endeavor to make themselves stand in top 3 at the end.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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