Amazon Prime Video The Improvisers Review, Next Level To Droll

Amazon Prime Video The Improvisers

Amazon Prime Video has got a cleft above with “The Improvisers”- an Amazon Prime Video Special.

Amazon Prime Video The Improvisers

Stars Of The Show.

The Improvisers features the renowned in the world of Stand-Up Comedy Kanan Gill (a stand-up comedian, an actor and you tuber), Kenny Sebastian (a stand-up comedian, filmmaker and musician), Kaneez Surkha (trained improviser, stand-up comedian and sketch artist) and AIB famed Abish Mathew (stand-up comedian, youtuber and motivational speaker). They performed their improve act on Amazon Prime. The quartet recently did an improvised comic act. The spontaneous and unrehearsed show incorporated music, theatre and comedy, and was interactive and collective too.

What Was There In ‘The Improvisers’?

Whatever they did today was unrehearsed and unscripted. Audience gave them suggestions and they improvised magic. Each comedian has got a game for the audience and the latter gave suggestions. Game 1 was ‘KEEP IT SHORT’, Abish Mathew assigned each player a word that he/she can say but they have to speak in only those many amount of numbers which audience allotted to them, not less not more. Where Kaneez, Kanan , Kenny and Abish were allotted 5, 1, 2, 3 words respectively. They created funny scenes with the words of inspiration given by the audience and tickled pour funny bones. Game 2 was ‘CASTING RULE’, Kenny Sebastian nicely enacted the movie judwa as suggested by the audience. Game 3 was ‘BEST GAME’ Kanan Gill to interview Abish and Kaneez as one person in his talk show and the audience asked both of them to be an expert of Hair Loss. Abish and Kaneez nailed it and there was an irresistible laughter all around. Game 4 was ‘RE MAKE’, Kaneez Surkha introduced the game as a basic scene to be done from any movie and that has to be remade in other different genres as suggested by the audience. Kanan Gill and Kenny Sebastian did a basic frog dissection scene and then remaking it in horror, rom-com and action genres. Hell humorous, entertaining and hilarious act it was and they nailed it. Winding up with the last game that was ‘MUSIC’, Kenny Sebastian sang a song along with other three and audience.

Amazon Prime Video The Improvisers


The Improvisers mint style to perform at the spur of the moment was quite unique, widening the ways for the upcoming comedians and taking stand-up to another level. Whimsical combination of music, theatre and comedy which was very amusing. These dazzling comedy wits delighted our funny bones with the hilarious content and entertaining style, providing a next level to the world of stand-up.


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