Anand Tiwari To Make A Cameo in Imperfect Season Finale

Zoom TV Imperfect Finale
Zoom TV Imperfect Finale

The Zoom Studios’ unique show ‘Imperfect’ which praises life’s blemishes and has left an enduring effect on the hearts and psyche of its gatherings of people, is preparing for an enchanting finale that will air on January 03, 2019 at 8pm on zoom Styled by Myntra and on The Zoom Studios YouTube Channel at 5.30 pm. The season finale will see Anand Tiwari,renowned on-screen character and the maker of the series play an extraordinary appearanceas Isha’s adventure to locate the ‘impeccable life’.

Zoom TV Imperfect Web Series

The show Imperfect was an exciting adventure about Isha Sanghavi, a youthful, honest lady who ends up in an emotional meltdown, when she loses her job and the love for her life. In a journey to recover her flawed life on track and make it impeccable, Isha winds up being guided by a life mentor, figuring out how to love and esteem herself.

In this self-cherishing venture, the initial step she takes is go on her dream voyage, to Paris. Also, this is the place she catches a person (Anand Tiwari) who is experiencing some relationship issues.

Zoom TV Imperfect Finale
Zoom TV Imperfect Finale

As Isha continues to go through roller coaster ride, she also discovers a secret about her life coach Simmy. What is this secret? Can Isha help this guy? And what is the final twist in this plot of Imperfect. Will her a life come a full circle eventually? With so much to know, the finale promises to be a befitting end to Isha’s rollercoaster journey!

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