Bhuvan Bam Fans are Angry on the Announcement of BB Membership Programme


Bhuvan Bam on his youtube channel BB ki Vines, today, uploaded a video titled – BB ki Vines (Announcement)- | BB Membership Programme. In the video, he talked about the paid membership programme.

As BB told, there are two subscription plans one named Hero and other named superheroes. The prices of the BB membership programme are;
Heroes – Rs. 29 per month.
Superheros- Rs.159 per month.

If you pay for the Heros programme, you will get four exclusive community post from BB per month. And whenever BB goes live, you will only be the one to join live chat.

If you go for the superheroes plan, you will get all the benefits that are listed above in the heroes category. Additionally, you will also receive some small gift items like a mug, photo frame, stickers, etc. every month. You will also get some special discounts on Youthiapa and brands associated with BB.

Several YouTubers have the Youtube membership programme feature. But, the community and fans of BB look quite angry upon the announcement of the BB membership programme.

Bhuvan Bam also mentioned, “LET’S MAKE A COZY GROUP, A LOYAL RELATIONSHIP.” People are also angry on this statement; they said we followed you from the beginning, and now you are asking for money to prove our loyalty.

At the time of writing, there are more than 17 thousand comments on the video. Not a single comment looks positive. Everyone is pointing, “BB you lost our respect.” Some of them are mentioning that despite one of the top Youtuber of India, BB is hungry for money.

What do you think about the BB Membership Programme? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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