Ant-Man and the Wasp Has Already Teased Plans for Ant-Man 3


As the fans would know that Marvel for a fact always releases three movies for an individual franchisee. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Avengers, with Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man all have three movies or are confirmed to have a third. So now, Ant-Man and the Wasp is in theatres, does it mean that we will see an Ant-Man 3?

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Plans already teased for Ant-Man 3!

Stephen Broussard, Marvel Studios producer spoke about the future of Quantum Realm and how there can be avenues which can lead to Ant-Man 3 in an interview. He said “I think there’s more to do there. At this point of the process with the first Ant-Man, based on a glimmer of what you saw if you froze your DVD at the right place, we had the idea of ‘What if part two was about finding Janet?’ And it was an inkling of an idea,” Broussard said. “Nothing’s been announced, I’m not coyly sitting on any announcement. There really is no plans for the next one, but you can’t help but talk as filmmakers and creative people about where you would go next if you ever got the opportunity.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Plans already teased for Ant-Man 3!

Broussard also talked about how Janet van Dyne’s time in the Quantum Realm and Hank Pym’s journey to find there could offer some massive clues for a potential third film in the Ant-Man franchise.

“And we talk a lot about the Quantum Realm and there would be perhaps more opportunity to go down there. Maybe there’s more down there than we realized,” Broussard said. “Clearly, Janet’s been up to something and has different clothes on and some weapons. Where did those come from? And similarly, if you look at the right moment and freeze the DVD in a certain place, maybe you’ll see something else as well that could tip a hat to where the story could go.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Plans already teased for Ant-Man 3!

Director Peyton Reed talked about this earlier this year. Although he was slightly being coy when he talked about the future of the franchise –

“In [Ant-Man 1], we added the Quantum Realm and Janet and stuff like that knowing that if we were able to make a sequel that that could be fertile ground,” Reed said. “There are definitely things in this movie that, if we’re fortunate enough to make another one, there’s a lot to play with. We spend more time in the Quantum Realm in this movie, obviously than the first movie but it feels like we’re just dipping our toes into it.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp is now in theatres.


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