Anthem Interceptor Javelin Gameplay, First Look

Anthem Interceptor Javelin Gameplay First Look Photo

BioWare gave off a little bit of Anthem Interceptor Javelin Gameplay in a live stream overnight. Many Anthem fans requested BioWare to give them Anthem Interceptor Javelin First Look. In the stream, all the Javelins are showing of the recently released Legion of Dawn Gear. So let’s get into the details of the stream of Anthem Interceptor Javelin Gameplay.

Anthem Interceptor Javelin Gameplay-First Look

The activity shown in the live stream is one of Anthem’s Strongholds. The first one got revealed at E3. These sound like Destiny Strikes. The one shown in the stream is Temple of the Scar. To increase the difficulty, they have kept the no respawn feature. In the Gameplay, you have to have a strategy to kill the enemies. It is all about combining different player abilities into one fatal kill. In the stream, you will see one Javelin using the freeze attack and other finishing the enemy.

You can check the full video of the full stream below:


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