Apex Legends Season 2 changes & details leaked

Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn is about to drop more details on the upcoming Apex Legends Season 2 today at E3 2019. However, the leaks regarding Apex Legends Season 2 have started sprouting out on many message boards and forums. One data miner named’RENGOLD’ took it to Reddit to reveal details for the upcoming Apex Legends Season 2. According to his post, in the game files, he found two new legendary attachments, a new equipment type and changes made to flyers.

New Legendary weapon attachments

In the game update v1.2 update all-new Legendary Hunt event was added to the game. Alongside this LTM, it also added new voice commands including Legends pinging ‘Level 4’ shotgun bolts and sniper stocks.

Level 4 attachments are most rare to the game, and currently, there are no Legendary shotgun bolts or sniper stocks. Check out the new lines in the video below.

Another Reddit user shared some more insights on the two new Legendary attachments and said they would be added to the game soon. He has even offered some details on its enhanced functionality in comparison to its counterparts.

Bonus for legendary shotgun bolt: “Maximum upgrade to fire rate. 15% movement speed increase.”

Bonus for legendary sniper stock: “Fast handling & large aim drift reduction. Deals up to 120% damage the further away the target is.”

Changes to Flyers

Flyers that allow Apex Legends players to cover the long distances of King’s Canyon with ease are about to receive some changes in the upcoming season.

In the game update v1.2 files, data miner found a new ping option when it came to the flyers. Legends will now be able to ping flyers, both caged and regular. Well, it is still not clear what it means, or whether it will change the way Flyers function. But a new ping option can clearly be seen on the top right side of the video at the 22nd mark.

New Equipment slot

Now many leaks point towards the possibility of a new Item slot for the game — an image taken after the update v1.2 revealed the fifth item slot on the player’s main HUD. It is still not clear whether it was a glitch or a possible leak for Apex Legends Season 2.

Apex Legend Season 2 Changes

Check out the complete Reddit leak below, and we are not too far away from the E3 reveal for Apex Legends Season 2 which is happening today on June 8.