Apex Legends adding NPC characters to the game, leaked

New apex Legends leaked

After the March 6 update, data miners are working hard to get any clue about the possible additions after or before the Apex Legends Season 1 update arrives. After the recent update, data miners have leaked the possible addition of NPC characters to Apex Legends. Apart from this, there are other leaks like the addition of Flamethrower and Remote Turret and also a Night Mode and Community Happy Time.

Now, according to @RealApexLeaks, there will be NPCs which will be friendly or hostile to players in the matches. The game files say that they will be able to use weapons and melee opponents. But these leaks are not confirmed yet as the game files can be changed at any moment by the developers.

Check out the tweets below related to the NPC characters that may be added in Apex Legends.

Apart from the addition of NPCs, the game files have also given out the names of some of the NPCs. Check out the tweet below for some NPCs’ names in the game files.

Even though the addition of NPCs is somewhat confirmed, but it is not sure if they will be added in the BR mode or the Training mode. Also, there is no confirmation on the release date of these NPCs. Since the Season 1 is about to drop, maybe they add the NPCs in that update

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