Apex Legends Community wants a better rewards system for good behavior


Apex Legends is currently one of the best battle royale games in the market. The game rolled on to early success with its surprise launch and now millions of players from around the world are playing the game regularly. But the game has received some criticism lately due to a lack of updates.

Reddit user ‘johnruby’ has suggested an interesting way to provide a better reward and  incentivizing system for players and it will also encourage players to play more supportively to other teammates.

In his post he stated that “Currently, the only reward of being cooperative/friendly is slightly increasing win rate (insignificant), gaining bonus XP from reviving teammates (insignificant), and gaining the badge “No One Left Behind” by reviving teammates (which is great but a single-level badge is still insignificant).”

Apex Legends Rewards

He further added that as Apex Legends is a heavily team-oriented game, these rewards are not enough. He suggested adding a vote button at the endgame screen allowing players to vote “cooperative” or “friendly” for his/her teammates. Players who will get voted will receive honor points which can be further used to get honor rewards.

Suggested honor rewards include:

  • Bonus Battle Pass exp
  • Lootbox
  • Legend tokens
  • Special skin or banner
  • Special multistage badge


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