Apex Legends dev finally responds to lobby area found by the players

Leaked lobby area in Apex Legends

Unlike other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends doesn’t feature any lobby or waiting area, but a few days ago players discovered a lobby like area, thanks to a glitch. Now, Apex Legends dev have responded on this and explained why they decided to scrap the lobby feature from the game.

Leaked lobby area in Apex Legends

Leaked lobby area in Apex Legends

In games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Black Ops4 Blackout, players wait in a small waiting area or lobby for a few minutes before entering into the game. Apex Legends is the only game that doesn’t have this type of waiting area. But, players have found an area where their characters gather before entering the match through dropship. Thanks to a glitch which made the area visible and it looks like the entrance to the training map/firing range.

However, this is only a glitch, and players will never see it as they directly enter the match after choosing their legend.

A Respawn programmer explained that initially, they planned to use the same location as a waiting area but since they slowed down the loading time, which resulted in no need of the lobby or waiting area.

That’s how the lobby looks like when we select legends from apexlegends

The weapons were all available to use there, but they don’t deal any damage to other players like other games.



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