Apex Legends dev response to the complaints about lack of content teases upcoming content

Apex Legends response to the complaints teases upcoming content Photo

Apex Legends players have been waiting for a long time to see some content added in the popular battle royale. But there has been no response until recently, Apex Legends dev response has come up. The Apex Legends dev response to the complaint about lack of content has teased upcoming content. Let’s check it out.

Since the release of the game on February 4, many players have been enjoying the content. But some of them have felt a lack of new content and patches for the game. Regarding this, ‘KFC Gaming’ tweet out a meme which said, “C’mon do something…” with a logo of Apex Legends below. TO this, one of Apex Legends devs, Rayme Vinson replied to the tweet by saying, “Dearest brand. We’ve got tons of stuff coming, but it takes a little time. We can’t hyper-fry or flash-flambe or crunch-inject or whatever it is you do to your tasty fried birdflesh. This gameplay is hand-crafted using old-world techniques. Eat some chicken, we’ll see you soon.”

You can check the tweet below for the same:

The audience to the response seemed happy that a member of Respawn staff is there to reply to their needs.

Apex Legends dev response to the complaints about lack of content

Many players are thinking that Respawn is not able to patch Apex Legends because of their new upcoming title, Star Wars, which they announced in TwitchCon. But Vinson cleared this by assuring the players that, “same team that built Apex is still building it – we’ve been *growing* since launch. But I get that people will be giving us side-eye until they see some of the stuff we’re doing.”

By the responses of Apex Legends dev, it seems that Respawn is up for some big updates coming to Apex Legends. Fans have to be patient for a little while as the wait can be worth it.


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