EA plans to bring Apex Legends to mobile devices

New Map is coming to Apex Legends

EA will bring the popular battle royale game Apex Legends to mobile devices and other platforms. This news has been announced on May 7th during EA conference call.

This is very great news for Apex Legends fans and community, as the company is planning to expand the reach of its game. During the meeting, the EA confirmed that 30% of Apex players are new to EA products. So technically Apex Legends has added new customers and players for the gaming publisher. Keeping this in mind, the company will focus on delivering new content and legends for the game.

new game modes

The company is planning to expand the game to other markets and platforms. Later during the conference call, it was confirmed that they plan to bring the game to mobile devices and China.

Will Apex Legends be released for Nintendo Switch?

Well, the game publisher has announced their plan to bring the game to other platforms. As the mobile platform for Apex Legends is already in the pipeline, we can hope the company will stand up to their statement on the expansion of the game and soon announce its plan to launch the game on Nintendo Switch.

Eagle-eyed fans are already waiting for Respawn Entertainment to drop the next major update for the game. The game, which rose to early success, is now plagued with hackers and some fans are also upset with no frequent updates.


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