Apex Legends player discovers fifth item slot in the game


Apex Legend’s new The Legendary Hunt LTM is currently live for the game. The new event has brought double XP, the Apex Elite queue and rare skins to the game, but one eagle-eyed fan discovered the fifth item slot in his game.

It is still speculated whether this was a glitch in the game or a potential leak from the upcoming Apex Legends Season 2. Reddit user ‘SupaSnipaX’ posted this on the Apex Legends Subreddit, and it stormed the fan reactions in some hilarious and funny answers.

A fifth wearable item in Season 2 coming? from r/apexlegends

One fan commented that “Grabby hands” gloves. Extends pick up range but only if a teammate is trying to get it too.”

Another fan commented “100% Melee weapon. New loot type. Calling it now. For SURE! They talked about melee weapons in the patch notes.”

One fan responded in such a hilarious response “That new slot is going to be for carrying your teammates.”

Apex Legends: Season 2

Respawn Entertainment will reveal the details for the upcoming Apex Legends Season 2 at the EA Play 2019 event on June 8. Apex Legends Season 2 will feature a new Battle Pass with Daily and Weekly challenges.

Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn is offering double XP weekend starting June 7 and will conclude June 10.