MrSimple has beaten Dizzy’s Apex Legends world record for most kills

MrSimple has beaten Dizzy's Apex Legends world record for most kills

Apex Legends have emerged from somewhere on February 4 and achieved astounding success with two weeks of the release. Renowned twitch players have shifted to the game and are continuously streamin it. Dizzy achieved the world record for most kills by a single player in Apex Legends. Now, another twitch streamer MrSimple has beaten the record.

Dizzy on February 11 achieved the amazing world by killing 33 kills players and racking up over 5,000 damage. Currently, Apex Legends have 60 players in the lobby, the means he wiped out half of the lobby.

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MrSimple has beaten Dizzy's Apex Legends world record for most kills

Most of us thought that this record would sustain for some time, but within a week the record has been defeated by a single kill. Mrsimple is the player who beat this record by achieving 34 kills and damage of 6,067 points.

MrSimple was playing with two random matched players, and without having a conversation with them, he landed down into Skulltown and grabbed the commonly found PeaceKeeper shotgun and started to kill and ended up with killing 34 players.

Check out the reaction of MrSimple after finishing the gameplay here.

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