Apex Legends Season 1 Wild Frontier Update Release Date, Battle Pass, New Legend Octane, Patch Notes

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Apex Legends has finally received an official release date for Season 1, which will bring all new Legend character Octane to the game. Respawn Entertainment has also shared the details about the Season 1 release time, battle pass and new legend abilities. Along with this, they have also shared early patch notes for the Season 1.

The first season has been named as ‘Wild Frontier’ and it will release on March 19 at 10 AM PST /1 PM EST /6 PM GMT.

Players waiting for new legends has also come to an end, as Octane is coming with Season 1.

Apex Legends Season 1

Octane’s abilities

Octane’s abilities

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time.

Tactical Ability: Adrenaline Junkie

Move 30% faster for 8 seconds. Costs 10% Health. Immune to slows while active.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air.

Details of the Season 1 battle pass has been surfaced out finally. The battle pass for Apex Legends will cost 950 Apex Coins and Battle Pass Bundle will cost 2800 in-game Apex coins. With the Bundle Battle Pass, you will get the first 25 levels.

Apex Legends Season 1

Apex Legends Season 1

Apex Legends Season 1 Patch Notes

Major balance changes:

  • Hit box size reductions and optimizations for Caustic, Pathfinder and Gibraltar
    • We’re better sizing hitboxes to character gear & model
    • Since these adjustments have a MAJOR impact on the game, we want to make sure there aren’t any major bugs, so we didn’t want to rush them out
    • If these adjustments prove to be insufficient, we’ll consider additional adjustments during Season 1

Minor balance changes:

  • Caustic
    • Traps – Reduced cooldown to 25 seconds from 30 seconds
    • Traps – Increased radius and proximity radius by about 10%
    • Traps – Removed a 1 second delay on the smoke dealing damage to players
  • Pathfinder
    • Insider Knowledge – Increased the number of beacons in the world to 12 from 10
  • Lifeline
    • Care Package – Removed slight chance that level 4 armor and helmets will drop
  • Wraith
    • Into The Void – Cooldown increased from 20 -> 25 seconds
  • Bangalore
    • Double Time – Reduced move speed bonus to 30% from 40%