Apple release iOS 11.1.1 Update, Fix “i” Auto correct and more.


Apple launched the new iOS 11 with the launch of of new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The update brought iOS 11 to almost all devices launched since, even 2013. iOS 11 brought more than 70 features to all the supporting devices, which are really interesting, but the iOS consisted major bugs and user complained about issues like draining of battery faster. Apple promised to fix the issues with a update. But even after a update iOS 11.1, the company was not able to kills the bugs completely.

And after the issue of draining of battery weirdly faster. Its users are facing another annoying bug. The annoying bug auto corrects the letter “i” to “A”. And Apple introduced a guide to temporary stable the bug. While some users turned off the auto correction features to work normally.
Alongside the autocorrect bug, Apple has addressed an issue with “Hey Siri” hotword detection on certain devices.
For all the issues, Apple has released the iOS 11.1.1 update for all iOS 11-compatible iPhone and other devices. The update is now available to download, has fixed the annoying issue of auto correcting the letter “i” to the letter “A” and a symbol.


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