Apple patents magnetic Lightning interface, might use with upcoming iPhones

magnetic Lightning interface

Apple patents magnetic Lightning interface might use with upcoming iPhones

Apple is rumoured to launch three new iPhones later this year and might go with Dual sim system this time. However, as per the latest patents are given by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has plans to redesign the Lightning interface (the charging port for the iPhones) with the magnetic charging design.

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The Magnetic charging design is already used by the company in one of its Macbook, which received a good response from the users and is an easy way to plug and remove the charging cable for the Macbook. Now, if Apple brings this technology to the iPhones than this will be a significant improvement in terms of design and will be quite handy for all the iPhone users.

The magnetic charging design is not only more convenient, Apple also stressed in the patent application, the magnetic Lightning interface will have more powerful connection performance, greatly improving the power and data transmission speed.

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Recently, Another such patent was also filed by the Apple where the iPhone is placed on the Macbook and it is charging at the same time. However, that system will be based on the wireless current transfer technology. If Apple could bring such a system out of the papers then it will really be an innovative thing to watch.

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