Aquaman: All Characters’ Costumes Revealed!


The San Diego Comic Con this year has a lot of fans’ eyes glued on it as many major announcements and releases are expected this year. Among them in DCEU’s Aquaman. The film’s trailer launch has been scheduled for this year’s SDCC. But DC has taken the advantage of Marvel skipping the SDCC by revealing the costumes for different characters of the film!

As new photos from SDCC make way to the web, we get to see the Aquaman’s costume, and not only the main heroes’ costume but all the character’s costumes! Fans get to see glimpse of the costumes for Mera and Black Manta as well. Although, fans have already seen Black Manta’s helmet in the first looks of the Aquaman, but now we see the whole costume.

The final revealing for the final costumes for the film was preceded by an unveiling event for the series of statues of Mera and Black Manta. The statues were as per the costumes wore by Amber Heard and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the movie. The costumes provide the most detailing for the costumes up till now.

Check out the costumes below –

Aquaman Costumes

Aquaman Costumes

Aquaman Costumes

Mera had also a cameo in Justice League and her costume has some major changes. Mera’s costume for Aquaman is a less armoured one. In Justice League she had spiked shoulder-pads and ridged corset which are replaced by a tunic and trousers made of some sort of scaling in Aquaman.

Black Manta’s costume is up to the expectations of the fans. Red-eyes and a rounded helmet with Blue-Black armour. It has all the features which the classic adversary of the Aquaman had.

All these costumes have hyped up the fan’s expectation as well and now with DCEU hanging off a nail, Aquaman is a movie on which all the hopes of future for the DCEU are riding on. The trailer for Aquaman is yet to be released in SDCC and it can be safely said that James Wan has done a great work and the movie would definitely be a great one.

DCEU upcoming films include Aquaman to be released on 21st December, followed by Wonder Woman 2 on November 1, 2019, Shazam on April 5, 2019.