Aquaman Extended Trailer-Aquaman Plot, Spoilers and Cast

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An Aquaman extended trailer has been released which gives a better look at Aquaman Plot and Aquaman Cast. The post may contain some Aquaman spoilers, so read it on your own risk. The Aquaman extended video or the Aquaman extended trailer confirms that Arthur’s attitude is the reason for selling the adventure. The clip showed more of Mera, played by Amber Heard, in action with Arthur, played by Jason Momoa, as a partner. She is more of a partner to him and not just a sidekick or love interest.

The Aquaman extended video also highlighted the threat posed by Arthur’s brother, the current King of Atlantis, Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. Also, it was made clear in the extended trailer, like in the first trailer, that the movie will get its heart beaten by the story of Arthur’s father, played by Temura Morrison, and his mother, played by Nicole Kidman. Below is the Aquaman extended video of 5-minute duration which was released:

Aquaman Extended Trailer/Video

Aquaman Plot and Aquaman Spoilers!

Aquaman Spoilers Warning: This post may contain possible Aquaman Spoilers. So, if you don’t wanna get spoiled you should stop reading the article. You’ve been warned.

The extended trailer gives us an overview of the movie. It helps us to set an expectation from the movie. Moreover, it reveals more about the Aquaman Cast. It also reveals about the Aquaman Plot that it is going to be an origin story. The titular hero is the son of a lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis. This makes him the rightful heir of the throne of Atlantis. The Aquaman Plot will be about a legendary trident which will help unite the disparate kingdoms of Atlantis. Arthur will be taming up with Mera for the quest of finding the trident. He will be facing many foes in his way. He will be facing his brother Orm, the current King of Atlantis. Another foe will be the Black Manta, who is a classic Aquaman foe and an armoured mercenary.

Aquaman Extended Video, Aquaman Cast

The vibe coming from the movie is kind of light-hearted as compared to DC’s usual dreary and dark tone. Momoa and Heard’s conversation are filled with humour, as seen in the extended video. Their humour and James Wan’s eye for action scenes(like in his Furious 7) will just make the movie perfect to watch. It’s possible that Aquaman may join Wonder Woman in escaping the long shadow cast by years of lacklustre DC films.

Aquaman drops in the theatres on December 21st, 2018.