Huge Fight Scene From ‘Aquaman’ Leaked By Director James Wan

Aquaman James Wan Review
Aquaman Review

Aquaman is set to bring DC back from the deep hole which it slid into after the release of Justice League. The movie failed on such an epic level, that Avengers Infinity War was able to overtake Justice League’s worldwide collection in domestic market itself and that too in one month time. However, things are looking good for Aquaman because of the involvement of acclaimed director James Wan. Aquaman trailer is expected to arrive during the upcoming San Diego Comic Con as per the earlier comments by the director. However, we got a glimpse of an amazing fight scene underwater in the image shared by James Wan.

The director took on the Instagram to share the image of funko pop action figure made in honour of him. But in the background of the figure, we can see the massive underground battle taking place. In the scene, it seems to be Aquaman grappling with a combatant. The director James Wan known for being detail oriented, undoubtedly didn’t accidentally gave up the glimpse of the fight scene. Though it is not clear who the rival Aquaman is facing in the image, he surely isn’t Black Manta. As earlier fans got the first look of all the characters from the movie and in that Black Manta is shown with his famous helmet which appears to be missing in the image. Another person who is going hands-on with Aquaman could be Patrick Wilson’s Orm in his signature armour.

James Wan rose to the fame for his acclaimed horror movies Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring. He then entered to the big-budget films with Fast & Furious 7 which turned out to be the highest grossing movie from the whole franchise. Hence the hopes from Aquaman are high, and till now it looks to be in good hands. Early word of Aquaman proves that he is the perfect person for the movie and take DC ahead.

Aquaman James Wan
Aquaman and Orm (Patrick Wilson)

In a recent interview, Warner Bros. film chairman Toby Emmerich said that “I think it’s hard in superhero movies to go to places you haven’t seen before, You think of how much superhero content there is in theaters and television and [streaming], it’s hard to go to someplace you haven’t been before. Aquaman and the underwater world of it all is fresh and different. James Wan has done an incredible job with his team. It’s taking you to a different place and imagining it in a way you haven’t seen before. For a superhero movie to be in that realm is cool and badass.”

Aquaman starring Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson & Nicole Kidman is set to release in theatres on December 21, 2018.

What are your expectations for the movie? Will director James Wan be able to do justice to the character? Do let us know in the comments below.