Arrowverse Crossover Set Photos-Grant Gustin in Green Arrow Suit

Arrowverse Crossover Set Photos

The Arrowverse Crossover set photos are out. They reveal Grant Gustin in Green Arrow suit in which he looks dope, no doubt. The annual DC TV event is going to take place in December. It will be including the three Arrowverse shows The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl. Legends of Tomorrow sit on the sides for this one. This year’s Arrowverse crossover event is titled as “Elseworlds”. It will be of three episodes duration, one of each DC TV Show.

The filming of the crossover is going on for a few days now. While many fans are waiting for official marketing material, Arrowverse Crossover set photos are making their way online. First, a couple of Promo Posters came. You can check the poster here. Now the set photos are coming in, which reveals Grant Gustin in Green Arrow suit.

Arrowverse Crossover Set Photos

Twitter user Gliceriaa comes across a couple of Arrowverse Crossover set photos which she shared on her twitter. The images reveal Stephen Amell in the Flash suit, Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Grant Gustin in Green Arrow suit. The photos were taken when a filming break was there. In the images, they can be seen smiling, seemingly goofing around. Check out the tweet by Gliceria below and take a look at the Arrowverse Crossover set photos:

Grant Gustin in Green Arrow Suit

Grant Gustin in Green Arrow suit looks great. In fact, he seems to be far better in his new suit than Stephen Amell in The Flash suit. It is because the Green Arrow suit is perfectly tailored to fit Gustin. But The Flash suit seems a little(maybe too) tight for Amell to wear(Though it’s supposed to be that way only). Since there is still some VFX work to be done, Amell will look significantly different on-screen in the Flash suit. Fans will also be seeing Tyler Hoechlin in both traditional red and blue Superman suit and the infamous Black Superman suit.

The Arrowverse Crossover Plot details have been kept under wrap till now. Though the producer of the event, Marc Guggenheim has gone on record. He said that the upcoming crossover will be able to fit in the current continuity. It will make the switching of roles of Barry and Oliver more intriguing. Apart from the key players, new faces will also be included. They will be Ruby Rose as Kate Kane aka. Batwoman, Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane, LaMonica Garrett as The Monitor, Jeremy Davies as villain Dr John Deegan, and Cassandra Jean Amell as the wife of Mr Freeze.

Arrowverse has officially kicked off with the debut of Supergirl season 4 last Sunday. It will be followed by the debuts of Arrow season 7 on Monday, October 22 and The Flash season 5 on Tuesday, October 23 on The CW.