Asgardia, the First Space Nation Launched its First Satellite

Asgardia the first nation deployed in Space, launched its first satellite in space. It’s the very first step to create a big achievement. But, what actually is Asgardia? Well, Asgardia, a name derived from Norse mythology, epic enough, is the epic project of Russian scientist and billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli. Last year, he proposed a new nation which will be outside earth and beyond the control nations on earth. 

Source:- NASA

Asgardia-1, the first satellite was launched on 12th of November, from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The juice-carton sized satellite was carried by an Orbital ATK Antares rocket. The satellite holds the basic information of the project – the nation’s constitution, its national symbols, and data from its 115,000 members. As last year, around 300,00 people applied to become the citizens of the space nation, for some of which might thought it to be virtual project, but now it is about to become a reality. The Cygnus craft docked with the International Space station yesterday, there it will do the primary mission of supplying deliveries to the Astronauts, working there. And after a month it will undock and will do its secondary mission of releasing Asgardia-1 in its orbit.

Igor Ashurbeyli hopes, Asgardia- the space nation, which is actually a Virtual nation as per now, to be a part of UN. It is because, Asgardia’s willingness of statehood isn’t acknowledged by any other nation on earth or the United Nations. And theoretically it can’t be called a nation. And practically humans can’t live there, in a long term, not yet. So it will be very interesting to see, how the settlement of human colonies for a long term goes. It will take several years, of course. But we never know, what the creators are upto.

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