Assassin Creed Origin released Cinematic launch trailer

Ubisoft presented Assassin’s Creed Origins launch trailer today for its new installment of Assassin Creed series.Ubisoft has revealed the launch trailer on its official YouTube channel the spectacular launch trailer that was making news for quite some time in gaming market. The trailer is a beautiful mix of cinematic sequences sharing information on its history, action and fighting gameplay and an ingenious staging with paintings.

Assassin’s Creed Origins will be available for purchase from October 27 on PS4, PC and Xbox It will be launched in several editions with varied content which will delight it’s loyal fan base.

We would like to bring to your memory that recently we have seen Assassin’s Creed Origins receive abundant free content regularly and DLC payment as part of season pass .Assassin’s Creed Origins Creed Origins will playable in newest Xbox One X and can be run at 4K resolution with downscaling. Xbox one X is powered by the Scorpio engine
and will be able to provide visually stunning graphics and details of beautiful landscapes and fascinating cities of Ancient Egypt rendered in 4K & full HD resolution.

Xbox ONE X features Dolby Atmos, providing a unique 3D surround sound while playing the game.Players will be able to catch in more detailed sounds of rivers, flock of birds in the heart of Egypt giving a mesmerising gaming experience.

With HDR also under the hood, it will add more realistic details to the scenes. The ability to render grass, plants, stones, trees , rivers and flowers are twice as far on the Xbox One X as on the Xbox One.


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