Astralis beats Team Liquid to win IEM Chicago 2018 Title


Astralis has defeated Team Liquid to emerge as the winner of IEM Chicago 2018. Astralis had an impressive run throughout the complete tournament. The winning team prove their mettle by beating the Team Liquid by 3-0

Earlier during the Blast Pro Series, Astralis knocked down of the tournament early, but at IEM Chicago 2018, they have proved their class. On the other hand, as usual, Team Liquid could not hold up their nerve in the finals and losing their winning title

Talking about the match, first map “Mirage” was picked out by Team Liquid but European team shattered the North American hopes by winning the map 16-14. Team Liquid desperately needed a victory over the first map, as playing next on Astralis best map, Nuke, it would be difficult to stop them. But it did not turn in favor of Team Liquid

IEM Chicago 2018 Winner Astralis

IEM Chicago 2018

On the Mirage map, the Astralis started off with Terrorist Side and losing the first half to Team Liquid. In the second half of the game, Team Liquid was leading 12-6, but the results changed so quickly when Astralis got money to make out purchase. Peter “dupreeh” came to team rescue and killing up 12 frags in the last six rounds and seizing the victory for Astralis

Next map was Astralis favorite Nuke, where they are undefeated since ECS Season 4 Finals in December 2017. On this map, we saw strong defense from Astralis and Xyp9x and dupreeh giving pain to their opponents and winning the map, 16-7

IEM Chicago 2018

On the third map, Inferno, Astralis started with CT side and did not allow Team Liquid to comeback snatching the first half by 11-4, and in the second half it was merely a formality as Astralis won the second half 5-0, with the final scoreline of 16-4

IEM Chicago 2018

Astralis with their brilliance performance claimed the IEM Chicago 2018 Title


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