Astralis ECS Season 6 Winner Beats MIBR 2-0 to clinch the title


Astralis has claimed the ECS Season 6 Title by beating MIBR. The European team took down the Brazillian team 2-0 and defended their title.

ECS Season 6

On the first map Inferno, Astralis showed their skills to take control of the map and taking the lead of 6-2.

ECS Season 6

Even in the second half, showing all the firepower Astralis won five rounds in a row to set the scoreline to 13-7. But it was not the end as the Brazillian counterpart gave theirs all by winning 6 out of 7 seven rounds. But device took the stand and took his team to map point

It was looking that the map would go to overtime, but all the hopes were lost for Brazilians when Danish team snatched the victory with the help of Magisk

In the second map, Overpass, the Brazillian team took the lead in the first half, but it Astralis came back strong with only one round short of MIBR at the end of the first half.

Astralis ECS Season 6 Winner

ECS Season 6

In the second half, being on the CT side, Astralis won both the pistol and anti-eco but it was not enough as MIBR managed to stay ahead with a lead of 15-11.

But the party was soon over for Brazilians as device stepped up to win 1v2 clutch with Scout and a USP to keep his team hope alive in the second map. After this, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander’s, stepped up and took the match to overtime

Even in the overtime, none of the team wanted to give up, as both teams won their two rounds on the offensive side. In the next two Astralis took the lead, but Tarik from MIBR pulled an impressive 1v4 clutch to keep the match hanging. But gla1ve responded it back with a quad kill and took Astralis to championship point. Now MIBR did not have any money and lost the game to the Danish team


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