ASTRALIS is ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals Winner beating Liquid 3-1


Astralis has defeated the Team Liquid with an impressive 3-1 scoreline and defended their ESL Pro League Title

Astralis has having a dream run this year and the team is performing really great as a unit and hence winning successive titles

The match started on Train, although Team Liquid did not play on this map from last three months surprisingly they only let the Astralis win one round in the first half. Astralis tried to respond back in the second half with interesting 1v2 clutches by Andreas “Xyp9x” but Team Liquid was far too strong and won the match 16-8 on Train

On the second map Mirage, Elige continued his good form in the first half and get Team Liquid into the initial lead. But in the fifth round, Magisk, turned the table by picking four kills on the B-Site. But Liquid did not let the lead slip up and took the scoreline to 9-6

But who can stop the aces of Astralis quiet for long, both device and gla1ve came to the party and took the centre stage. With gla1ve getting 27 kills and taking the team to victory by 16-11 scoreline in the second match

On the third match Inferno, Xyp9x took down the opponents in the pistol round. Liquid responded back equally. But EliGE taking three kills pushed the Team Liquid into the front seat with 4-1 lead. But Team Liquid lead was only short-lived as the Europeans rose to lead after the eco round, and set the scoreline into their favour of 10-5

Russel Twistzz Van Dulken came heroic with 1v2 clutch and levelled the scoreline making the match interesting. But Astralis kept their nerves and break every shell in Team Liquid defence and winning the map by 16-11 and took 2-1 lead in the finals

After coming into the lead, Astralis did not give any chance to their opponents and grabbed the Dust2 map easy with a scoreline of 16-10


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