Avengers 4: Fan Theory Reunites Peggy Carter & Steve Rogers

Avengers 4: Fan Theory Reunites Peggy Carter With Steve Rogers

Avengers 4 is set to clash the original Avengers with Thanos, after what he did in Infinity War. Also, as we know the actors who have been playing Captain America and other characters from the franchise are rumoured to have opted out of continuing movies with Marvel. So, it’s for sure that Avengers 4 will be their last movie they star in. Are they going to be killed or they just go back living normal lives? While the latter seems a bit impossible, because if they do remain alive, it’s normal for them to come back and save others.

Avengers 4: Fan Theory Reunites Peggy Carter With Steve Rogers

Going by the idea of them getting killed, which is in fact one of the most painful for the fans. Fan Theories have been going around them as well. Captain America aka Steve Rogers had a pretty rough life being frozen out for a long time and then coming back just to see his love Peggy Carter die in her sleep. Since then Marvel has tried to introduce a brand new love interest for the super soldier with Sharon Carter – Peggy’s niece, but it was obvious that it didn’t go well with her. And since then we haven’t seen Sharon. But recently, a fan came up a post-credit scene theory which unites Peggy and Steve!

Twitter user ‘shai stark’ proposed this theory where in post-credit scene Steve arrives in the afterlife following his death, with Peggy waiting for him. While it’s not confirmed yet that Captain will die in Avengers 4, but as we said it’s a very big possibility.

Avengers 4: Fan Theory Reunites Peggy Carter With Steve Rogers

Steve has been through a lot in his personal life and we know that he is among the few who has suffered most of the emotional wounds. This might be the perfect reuniting scenario where Steve finally gets his fill of his tragic love story.

Do you want to see them reunite in afterlife? Or do you have any other theory? Do let us know in the comment section below!


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