CineEurope ‘Avengers 4’ Footage Description Has Been Revealed

Avengers 4 Footage

Avengers 4 is again in the news, and it seems that the ensemble of Superheros will steal the limelight no matter what movie is running in theatres. So, a few days back an update was doing round on the internet that significant first look Avengers 4 (Avengers 4 footage) have been revealed during the CineEurope. The news broke out after Disney took the stage at ongoing CineEurope to make announcements regarding their upcoming movies which includes the two mega giants that are bound to get butt loads of money Captain Marvel and Avengers 4.

After the announcements were made for both, the movies rumours started floating that significant Avengers 4 footage has been revealed which may give us glimpse into the major plotline of the movie. So like an avid fan of the MCU they started scouting for the footage or the description of the footage shared by the Disney. As phones are not allowed during the presentations, so the chances of getting leaked footage became even meek.

Avengers 4 Footage

Avengers 4 Footage Description Revealed

So, the only option with an avid fan was to get the description of videos from the people who attended that presentation. Initially, everyone in the audience who saw the Avengers 4 footage claimed that video gave away significant details regarding the movie. However, it looks like the claims made by the viewers were only lies.

As per the folks from MCU Cosmic, the earlier rumours of Avengers 4 footage showing AntMan having the conversation with Iron Man regarding the multiple realities is nowhere true. The presentation given by Disney didn’t have any footage regarding the movie at all. The video shared there included the president Kevin Feige sitting in chair discussing the upcoming mega-crossover event. He addressed the advertisers at the event and apologised regarding the less number of heroes this time around to advertise about. He also added that this time around Superheros would have to come together in a better way to take on an opponent like Thanos. So, in brief, no new detail has emerged regarding the upcoming Avengers 4, and we will have to wait little longer to get something concrete.

CineEurope 'Avengers 4' Footage Description Has Been Revealed

On the other side, the Disney displayed footage regarding the Brie Larson starrer Captain Marvel. Earlier, reports came out that a teaser was revealed however that also seems incorrect. In actual, the video had Brie Larson discussing her take on the character and how being a Captain Marvel has affected her at the personal level. The primary purpose of the video was to introduce exhibitors at CineEurope to the character of Captain Marvel, what are her powers and said that she would be the next face and leader of the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading into Phase Four.

Apart from this Marvel also presented Ant-man and The Wasp video which didn’t surprise anyone like the film will hit the theatres in just a couple of weeks.

When do you expect we will get official footage regarding Avengers 4? And what are your expectations from the trailer? Do let us know in the comments below.