Avengers 4 Rumours-Avengers 4 starts 5 years after Infinity War

Avengers 4 Photo

At this point, it seems like Marvel Studious is trolling the fans by not telling any details about Avengers 4. Even the NYCC was upstaged by the Avengers 4 directors, the Russo Brothers and Mark Ruffalo(The Hulk) after Mark joked “spoiled” the Avengers 4 title. With this happening, Avengers 4 Rumours are spreading like a wildfire within the chat threads in the fandom. One of the biggest Avengers 4 rumour that is prevalent in the fandom is that Avengers 4 start time after the events of Infinity War. According to one rumour, Avengers 4 starts 5 years after Infinity War.

The below tweet says that the events of the Infinity War sequel start a long time after Infinity War. Check out the tweet given below:

In a reply to a guy, he said that Avengers 4 starts 5 years after Infinity War. Check out his reply:

There is some kind of discrepancy in what Daniel R understands but the basic rumour is about a 5-year gap between Infinity War and Infinity War Sequel. This gap will give Marvel a chance to make a different Marvel Cinematic Universe than the one we know in the present. It will also lead to a changed MCU after the events of The Snap. The main thrust of the movie will be the planning done by these aged versions of the original Avengers to fix what Thanos broke. Also, they have to ignore the deep scars and the divisions between them to get the mission done.

If these Avengers 4 rumours are true, then it will be one way to explain the different look of the Avengers in the movie. For example, Bruce Banner, The Hulk wearing a futuristic spacesuit-type costume. Apparently, the Avengers will never stop trying to fix The Snap and may have scoured the cosmos looking for answers. Tony Stark may be having his kid with Pepper named Morgan Stark. Bruce may have made a truce with Hulk. Also, Hawkeye has gone down a much darker path. Captain Marvel has come home. If this is the case, then, it pretty much tells that the appropriate solution to The Snap will be involving some kind of time-travel to reset things to eliminate the possibility of The Snap happening, thereby eliminating this post-Snap timeline.

Do you think these rumours are true? Will Avengers 4 starts 5 years after Infinity War? Will it really take us five years into the future of the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.